M-Tier goes English

Complete Redesign (Sunday, 07/03/11)

It's been a while. Just another shitty weekend I decided our Martini-Tier Homepage needed a redesign. Straight from the beginning I didn't invest to much time because it was just for fun.
Now it's done. Have a look, I hope you like it.

Guess what - an update! (Monday, 06/10/06)

It has definetly been a long time. But were are back.
And what have we got? An interesting video! What do you think happens to a Nokia 3510 celluar phone when playing baseball with it? Wanna find out? Check out our new video feat. Pascal at the base ;)

Download HQ PAL Video (23,9 MB) | Download (5,89MB)

Wassup (Sunday, 05/03/27)

It lasted very long since the last news post here. No party without good weather - at least we need roads without snow so you will come home save after a couple of drinks... and if you only see white streets as far as you can see - well that definetly is a problem. Especially because we now have our drivers licence and don't have some jerks that care about the snow :/

Anyway now temperatures rise again - sun is shining - so party times coming back to good old Germany. After the first episode of Viva la Bam's third season everybody knows that u really can party here - though you don't always need the Octoberfest to have some fun here =)

When the next party is coming you will get to know. Stay tuned

(Annotation - more important than ever since the '04 election: Buck Fush *g*)

Effects of Absinth (Sunday, 11/28/04)
Watch this!

Absinth Faces

Late after the party (Friday, 05.11.04 - Domiques Birthday)

Everything went fine. Ater a couple drinks we went to town, though it took us a little long cause Dirk had to bump the car of Dominiques parents.
Weird story...
Anyway, we went to town and had to stand on the stairs in the "Diebels" cause the bar so damn full. Nevertheless we had a good time and we are looking forward to the next Martini-Tier event.

Party coming up (Tuesday, 26.10.04 - Domiques Birthday)

This weekend a party will be coming up. Dominiques 18th. Let's see.

Great Party (Tuesday, 28.09.04 - Short Party Review)

Back to work / school after party weekend. All in all it was great. While drinkin' good 73% Absinth and much beer we had a lot of fun.
Pascal was very suprised by his friends with nice presents (as u can see in the photos).
2 slept in the small bathroom, two on a couch (we suspect they had "fun" that night) and 3 others (me included) in Pascal's room.
Because we weren't able to sllep at once, we talked a lot and there were lots of new hilarious sayings. Who wants to know more will have to write an email.
To write everything down would be too much.

Pure Boredom (Saturday, 25.09.04 - Pascal's Birthday Party)

School and work can be so boring, we all know. This weekend we will do something to forget bad times and party a little bit ;)
If possible photos of the party will be on the net soon.
Stay tuned, cya @all

Summer is over
(Monday, 06.09.04 - Back to school)

Booooring. Back to school and back to work. Pascal trained for his drivers license and we waited for him to come back.
Now we got new plans like building a halfpipe for BMX bike for a 'lil jackassing. But now we don't have the time do this.
So we're all waiting for the next weekends and the next holidays.

First English Update
(Friday, 23.07.04 - Day 1 after the party)

Thats it. Yesterday was the first party this year with Pascal.
And well it was quite good. After his late arrival at the party place he did at once something stupid.
He dropped his first bottle of "Potts" beer *doh*. But then everything went fine and the bottles of Martini and Jim Beam were empty soon.
We took some nice photos and had a lot of fun. Especially the test tour in the Mercedes SLK was cool.

Thats right guys! From now on we try to present some facts of the "Martini-Tier" and our experiences in English.

Pascal (one of our "Martini Clan") was in America (East Troy/Elkhorn - Wisconsin).
His friends liked our "Martini-Tier" and they wrote down our Website Adress to visit our site and see our Party Pictures.